We develop websites and apps that do exactly what you need. We specialize in custom web development services, which means that your solution will be tailored to perfectly fit your business.


Leverage our experience and hands-on knowledge of industry domains and specialized solutions.


We use mostly open-source technologies, which significantly cuts development costs without compromising on quality and security.


Greenice is a Top Rated web development agency established in 2007.

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Yevhen Saveliev
Yevhen Saveliev - Chief Operating Officer at Greenice

Yevhen has previously worked at Area Sales Executive at Reikartz Hotel Group, the biggest hotel chain in Ukraine. He is enthusiastic about the hotel industry and can come up with non-standard ideas on improving sales processes with the help of technologies.

With a Bachelor's degree in Computer Technologies from the Ukrainian State Engineering Pedagogical Academy, he possesses a solid foundation in software development.

Yevhen specializes in end-to-end custom software solutions and stays updated with the latest methodologies and advancements in the field. His commitment to excellence and innovative thinking make him a valuable asset in creating tailored software solutions for various industries.

Connect with Yevhen on LinkedIn.

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How to create an AI application: A Step-by-Step Guide for Entrepreneurs
Start a Project Business Automation How to create an AI application: A Step-by-Step Guide for Entrepreneurs

Are you curious about starting your own business powered by Artificial Intelligence?

In this article, we'll show you how to turn your vision into reality and what you need to build a website or app with AI. We will discuss what are the benefits, best startup ideas, and our own experience in this area. And of course, we’ll give you a ballpark estimation of building such an app.

Discover the exciting journey of embracing technologies of the future.

Inna Lebedeva
How to Create a Website Like Alibaba?
Marketplace Start a Project How to Create a Website Like Alibaba?

Today, in eCommerce, Alibaba is the largest business-to-business platform, and Aliexpress is one of the most popular business-to-customer platforms. These Chinese platforms are real magical caves of treasures with their secrets. Wouldn’t it be exciting to uncover some of them?

Want to develop a B2B marketplace similar to Alibaba? Then, just say ‘Open Sesame’ and follow us inside the article!

Inna Lebedeva
3 Steps to Creating a Website like Tripadvisor and Becoming a Leader in Your Niche
Marketplace 3 Steps to Creating a Website like Tripadvisor and Becoming a Leader in Your Niche

Are you dreaming of creating a successful review website that can rival the likes of Tripadvisor? In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through the three essential steps to becoming a leader in your niche.

So, are you ready to take your business to the next level and create a review website that will become a leader in your niche? Let's dive into the three steps you'll need to take to make that dream a reality.

Anna Klimenko
All you need to know when building a travel website
Marketplace All you need to know when building a travel website

Do you have an idea for a travel app, but are unsure of how to approach the development process?

In this article, we’ll discuss the main points involved in creating a travel website, including existing business models, inventory sourcing, and development options.

Let’s start with what is going on in the market.

Inna Lebedeva
How to Create a Hotel Management Software Tailored Exactly to Your Needs
Business Automation How to Create a Hotel Management Software Tailored Exactly to Your Needs
“Hi, Kevin! How are you doing? We are glad to inform you that your room is ready for check-in! Just confirm upon arrival and receive mobile key access directly to your room! We hope that you enjoy your stay at our hotel.”

If your hotel management system sends out confirmations like this, you are in trend!

If not, read this article for more insights. You'll find out about the newest hotel industry opportunities that may enhance your services and get all the necessary information on how to create a hotel management system.

Anna Klimenko
How to Choose the Right Hotel Management Software
Business Automation How to Choose the Right Hotel Management Software

If we asked you to rate the service level during your previous stay at a hotel, how many stars would you give it, between one to five? Were there any delays at check-in or check-out, problems with payment or providing special services, were the personnel polite and well-organized? Did you feel cared for as a guest, with a level of personalized treatment?

A hotel is a large living organism, each part of which should function coherently with the others in order to provide top service. Like in the body, where the brain gives out commands and gets feedback from organs and muscles, any hotel department should also be controlled by a single system.

As a hotelier, you must be aware that even the slightest disorder in synchronization of information or personnel actions can lead to loss of guests’ trust and satisfaction.

One of the challenges with modern hotels is the process of keeping the establishment’s information on paper or in Excel files. With so many ready-to-use software options, and the ability to create a custom solution, hotel management has become easy and productive like never before. You just need to choose the right tool.

Are you puzzled about how to do this? Keep reading, and let’s shed some light on this question!

Anna Klimenko
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