The Ultimate Web Development Team
for Complex Projects

Our powerful blend of experience and expertise comes from 9+ years in programming, and
130+ successful projects for industry-leading clients like Inc. 500 companies and small startups
from all over the world. Hire the Greenice web development team for your custom project!

We’ve Been Developing Custom Web and Mobile
Solutions Since 2007

Feature-rich Websites

We love to build websites with complex functionality, like marketplaces, social networks, educational portals, aggregators and online booking services, among others.

Business Apps

We also specialize in developing customized apps that help automate and streamline business processes, such as ERP, CRM and Helpdesk, among others.

Mobile Apps

We are experienced in developing content-driven mobile apps for multiple platforms, such as news aggregators, educational games and conference apps, among others.


“The best team I have ever worked with!”

Dan McCormick

Original developer to CTO of Shutterstock, founder at,
technical advisor at ContentMarket.

Our clients

Featured Projects

Andrew Surwilo and Thomas Shipley, founders of ACB
Andrew Surwilo and Thomas Shipley, founders of ACB

Custom Web-Based ERP

A leading U.S. cosmetics company has outsourced upgrade and maintenance of their custom web-based ERP system to our custom web development company.
We have been working with ACB as an offshore development center for over six years to date.

Read full case study here.

Helpdesk system for a London locksmith company
Helpdesk system for a London locksmith company


We have built a custom FSM system for a London locksmith company to automate order processing and track marketing ROI.

This project was delivered in partnership with PVT London.

Read full case study here.

Success Stories

“…very willing, technically able and understanding of what it is that I want…”

See what Peter Rouse, a UK founder of Case Record Limited and multi-passionate entrepreneur, has to say about his work with Greenice.

“Consistently impressed and glad to say so”

Watch Dr. Martin Dudziak, US entrepreneur, talk about his experience with Greenice Team.

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