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Our powerful blend of experience and expertise comes from 13+ years in programming, and
130+ successful projects for industry-leading clients like Inc. 500 companies and small startups
from all over the world. Hire the Greenice web development team for your custom project!

Industries We Serve

Tired of solutions that just don’t fit your clinic? Let’s build a custom software exactly for your organization! Our experience involves creating custom medical solutions like EMR/EHR, medical CRM and HRMS solutions, and many others.

Have a nontrivial eCommerce project in mind? Leverage our expertise! Our team has built numerous custom online stores, marketplaces, crowdsourcing platform, review and price comparison sites. Learn more and get reviews from satisfied clients.

Looking for a team to build an eLearning solution? Let’s talk! We’ve already developed over 50 eLearning solutions for educational institutions, startups and businesses. We can help you build an eLearning platform, LMS, app or/and a serious game.


“The best team I have ever worked with!”

Dan McCormick

Original developer to CTO of Shutterstock, founder at,
technical advisor at ContentMarket.

Our clients

Featured Projects

Racing cars experience

We built a custom ERP for automation of business processes of the world’s largest supercar fleet company. Automation of routine tasks allowed our client to gain more smoothness and accuracy in all the steps of their business processes. Less manual efforts and more satisfied clients! Read more…

Medical human resources management system

We helped to build the HRMS for medical services organization from the ground up. The solution consists of an applicant tracking system, HR system, online training, and employee portal. Read More…

Continuing Medical Education

We created a platform for online education that has been successfully functioning since 2012, fulfilling the main aim of continuing education for doctors. The platform consists of online activities, knowledge assessments, and certification (official CME credits). Read more…

Our Awards

Global rating and review platforms rank Greenice among top web development companies based on the feedback of our clients and our tech expertise.

B2B web developers
Top developers in Ukrain
top web developers in Ukraine
top developers in Eastern Europe

Success Stories

“…very willing, technically able and understanding of what it is that I want…”

See what Peter Rouse, a UK founder of Case Record Limited and multi-passionate entrepreneur, has to say about his work with Greenice.

“Consistently impressed and glad to say so”

Watch Dr. Martin Dudziak, US entrepreneur, talk about his experience with Greenice Team.

Explore Our Blog

how to build a facebook

If you read this article, you must be not of those people who believe that one more Facebook is a senseless idea. We don’t call into question that Facebook is a convenient, business-oriented, and massively used social media giant hard to compete with. But at the same time, we can see many new social networks that pop up every year like mushrooms after a spring rain. Read more…

how to build a classifieds website

$1 billion of annual revenue, 50 billion monthly page views, 100 million ads posted monthly, 70 countries covered, and 15 languages supported! Craigslist is a phenomenon of the eCommerce industry, and it is definitely worthwhile to discover the secrets of its success. What options do startups have when aiming to build a website like Craigslist today? Read more…

Website Like Zillow or Trulia

With 245 million users and $3.3 billion in revenue, Zillow is truly the most successful real estate platform in the US! Its popularity can be explained by the fact that over the years Zillow has become nearly everything to everyone in the real estate industry. Want to follow Zillow’s footsteps? Then, let’s dissect Zillow’s business. Let’s analyze its strengths and weaknesses, as well as see what it takes to create a website like Zillow. Read more…

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