We develop websites and apps that do exactly what you need. We specialize in custom web development services, which means that your solution will be tailored to perfectly fit your business.


Leverage our experience and hands-on knowledge of industry domains and specialized solutions.


We use mostly open-source technologies, which significantly cuts development costs without compromising on quality and security.


Greenice is a Top Rated web development agency established in 2007.

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Back-End Development Services

Need experienced back-end developers? You’ve found them! Complex back-end development is our specialty.

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Our Back-End Services

Back-end development for a custom web app

Do you already have the front-end, or do you need to build an app from scratch? Then, you need a strong back-end developer who will connect the user interface with the server-side and make all the features work seamlessly.

Back-end development for a mobile app

Our backend development service for mobile apps provides comprehensive server-side infrastructure solutions that enable your app to communicate seamlessly with databases, APIs, and other external systems.

Custom API development

We provide tailored solutions for businesses looking to streamline their operations and improve their workflows. Our experienced developers can design, build, and deploy APIs that integrate with existing systems, enabling seamless data exchange and process automation.

Back-End Solutions We Deliver

Creating back-end for the following cloud-based solutions is our specialty:

  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems
  • LMS (Learning Management Systems)
  • The custom back-end for mobile apps
  • CRM (Сustomer Relationship Management) systems
  • HMS (Hotel Management Systems)
  • The custom back-end for eCommerce platforms
  • HRMS (Human Resource Management System)
  • Accounting
  • EMR (Electronic Records Management) solutions
  • FSM (Field Service Management) solutions
  • Custom website back-end
  • EHR (Electronic Healthcare Management) solutions

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Our back-end programming principles

We love to challenge ourselves with interesting questions. That’s why we dive into unique projects that require non-standard approach.


We ensure that the architecture of your application is designed with flexibility in mind, to enable seamless expansion and accommodate increased workload in the future.


We avoid rigid software architecture using frameworks and micro-services that allow us to rebuild the application or add new features.


Cybersecurity is our top priority. We use the best security practices and follow the guidelines of the latest data protection regulations (e.g., GDPR, HIPAA).


By using the most advanced technologies, we build applications that work under heavy loads to process data in real-time.

why hire us for your project?

  • Deep expertise Our team consists of knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and experienced developers.
  • Cost and time efficiency Our experience and our efficient working environment allow us to complete projects in weeks instead of months.
  • Reliability Our developers are not freelancers. They are full-time employees with stable salaries and other 'IT office' benefits. We guarantee the reliability of our services.
  • Quality assurance All solutions pass scrupulous quality assurance. We use proven testing techniques to go through all possible user scenarios and guarantee flawless performance.
  • Comfort and flexibility We provide full-cycle development as well as separate back-end services. We take care of the technical part, while you focus only on the business requirements.
  • High-quality code We write clear, concise, and well-documented code that can be easily maintained and modified by any developer if necessary.


“Greenice was the best thing that happened to us.”
Imdat As, Founder & CEO, Arcbazar
“The entire Greenice team is eager to get involved.”
Bruce Lindsay, CEO, NoCowboys
“We love working with Greenice and their very professional team! We live and work in the US and although there is a time delay between us they always are available on our time and communicate very timely. Our project is amazing and functions exactly the way we had envisioned it would since the first day we started working with Greenice. Highly recommended.”
Taylor Cerjan, Partner and Co-Founder at at GO Staffing


Back-end developers are experienced in the following back-end development technologies and tools:

Programming languages and frameworks
Search engines
Web servers
Working process
Cloud services

What We Can Do For You

Analysis of existing code and architecture

Custom API development and third-party service integration. API documentation

Server-side architecture designed according to business logic, scalability, and security requirements

Legacy code refactoring

Development of new features

Migration to newer frameworks and technologies

Implementing sensitive data protection mechanisms and anti-fraud algorithms

After-launch maintenance, upgrade and support


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Our Expertise

Custom online stores for 6 cosmetics brands
Marketplace Custom online stores for 6 cosmetics brands

Atlantic Coast Brands creates iconic beauty brands by developing scientifically advanced consumer products designed to deliver real results for its more than 10 Million customers worldwide. We’ve developed and continue to support six fully customized online stores, each with a unique set of features.

Custom Field Service Management App for Locksmith
Business Automation Custom Field Service Management App for Locksmith

The KEYS4U Locksmith team is spread out throughout the UK and can usually be at client’s location within 30 minutes of placing a call. They are a one stop solution for all home and business security needs. We helped them build a new Field Service Management (FSM) system to boost their business.

Physiotec: the Leading Physiotherapy Exercise Software
Business Automation Healthcare Physiotec: the Leading Physiotherapy Exercise Software

Physiotec is a Canadian company that specializes in the development of rehabilitation exercise instructions for physiotherapists around the globe. We helped them create an electronic system to manage Home Exercise Programs (HEPs). Well-designed HEP software is a key for effective work and great experience for patients and therapists.

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