Healthcare Website Development

We’ve been providing healthcare website development services since 2011. During this time we have been partnering with American healthcare communications agencies and continuing medical education providers to deliver custom solutions to pharmaceutical industry leaders. Working in the medical industry, our main focus was on medical website development. To date, we have developed over 40 solutions.

Web and Mobile Solutions for Medical Education

  • Training mobile apps and web portals for pharmaceutical sales representatives
  • Educational websites for healthcare professionals (CME).

Examples of solutions:

Learn more about our educational solutions here.

Featured Projects

Casino Educational Game

Casino is a serious game that we’ve developed for a pharmaceutical conference to educate representatives about new products in a gamified entertaining manner.

  • Features of casino games such as spinning roulette, slots and blackjack dealing.
  • Multiple-choice questions on the topic of the workshop.
  • Scoring system for the right and wrong answers.
  • Leaderboard with the results of all game participants.
  • Reports that show learning success rates for sales representatives.
  • Online and offline modes.
  • High user load, 1,000 simultaneous users.

View demos of this game and others here.

Casino Night Roulette iPad game


We have developed a web portal for continuing medical education that enables personalized online and offline learning with assessments and certification.
Members can:

  • Follow and get credits for online activities
  • Register for live events
  • Track personal learning via dashboard
  • Get personalized newsletters according to one’s interests and proficiency level.

11,219 members  1,664 online assessments  1,514,025 credits earned

iLibrary, Interactive Knowledge Base

iLibrary was developed by our team as an interactive resource library on medical conditions (acute coronary syndrome, atherosclerosis and HTN), which enables learning on the go. It provides users with complete information on a particular topic at their fingertips. Users can easily navigate the app to find exactly what they need and learn at their own pace.

  • Online and offline work modes
  • Interactive questions to check material comprehension
  • Option to look up glossary definitions while staying on page
  • Word search across all chapters of the opened book.

iPoll, App for Audience Polling

iPoll is an Automated Response System (ARS) app that enables a speaker to post questions to an audience, receive responses, and display statistics on the general screen, as well as users’ mobile devices. iPoll is used to test material comprehension during live lectures.

  • Presenter/speaker interface, where users can choose questions in the context of an event
  • Audience member interface, where users can respond to questions
  • Display of statistics on general as well as individual user screens.

Event App to Keep Participants on Track

iPad event application. Keeps participants on schedule and informed of the event locations. Serves as a storage repository for event study materials and other event-specific documents.

  • Interactive agenda to click on each event and see the ‘gathering’ area highlighted  on the map
  • Segmenting participants and targeting each group with various events
  • The app works offline.
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