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Are you tired of solutions that just don’t fit your clinic? Let’s build a custom software exactly for your business!

We’ve been providing custom healthcare software development services since 2011. Our experience involves creating custom medical solutions like EMR/EHR systems, medical CRM and HRMS solutions, as well as software for physical therapy, eLearning for healthcare and more. We focus 100% on our clients’ needs to develop software that helps them serve their patients even better.
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Challenges of Healthcare Companies

Having worked in the medical field for years, we’ve noticed there are some common challenges:

  • Need for customization

    ‘One-fits-all’ medical software just doesn’t fit everyone.

  • Too much work

    Doctors spend more time filling out online forms than with patients (on average 5.9 hours on EHR, and 5.1 hours with patients).

  • Poor security

    Sensitive data is duplicated, scattered and kept insecurely. In 2017, the US medical and healthcare sector experienced 477 data breaches, exposing 5.6 million patient records.

  • Cumbersome interfaces

    4,000 is the average number of clicks an ER doctor has to make per shift, leads to errors and click-fatigue.


How We Can Help You

Looking for a medical software development company? We can build a custom medical solution for you that will automate and streamline processes of health management in your organization.

Our expertise in medical web development includes the following types of custom solutions for the healthcare industry:



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Custom EMR/EHR and Medical CRM

Electronic Medical Records (EMR), or Healthcare CRM, allows organizing and securely keeping all information about your patients.

Healthcare software development and digitalization of medical records keeping promises significant benefits to healthcare providers and their patients, including:

  • Complete and accurate data about patients
  • Ability to coordinate care and medical diagnostic
  • Less overall administrative work
  • Security of information
  • Reduction or elimination of errors
Would you like an EMR tailored exactly to your needs?

HRM Systems for Healthcare

Human Resource Management Systems help medical organizations to efficiently recruit, maintain records, train, and retain employees.

Depending on your needs, healthcare software developers can create a medical HR system that will offer:

  • Automation of your recruiting processes including candidate sourcing and tracking
  • Online training for onboarding, compliance, new skills acquisition
  • Help with shift scheduling to avoid overlaps and burnouts
  • Self-service employee portal to reduce administrative expenses and provide greater transparency
  • Reporting on the most important HR KPIs for your organization.
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Do you need a custom medical HRMS that will fit your unique processes?
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Assisted Living Facility Software

Assisted Living Facilities perform many daily duties to take care of their residents, so without thorough scheduling and task-tracking, taking care of residents can become a nightmare for the personnel.

  • Resident record keeping
  • Medication management
  • Billing functionality
  • Family dashboard
  • Incident management
  • Appointments scheduling
  • Dashboards and reporting
  • Surveys and assessments
Let’s build a custom Assisted Living Facility (Nursing Home) software that will become your competitive advantage.

Custom Physical Therapy Software

PT software is an EMR that focuses on physical therapy and simplifies the delivery of home exercise program (HEP) recommendations. This allows physical therapists to quickly select exercises from the huge database and combine them individually for each patient depending on the diagnosis.

Physical therapy software may include:

  • A vast database of exercises in various media formats
  • Robust search to quickly find the most appropriate exercises for a patient
  • Ability to quickly compile programs and save them to patient records
  • Giving HEPs to patients both in digital and print form
  • Providing tracker sheets for patients to track and share their progress with doctors.
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Would you like to develop an ideal physical therapy software for your practice?
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eLearning for Healthcare

Medical personnel need to acquire new knowledge and constantly improve their skills. But finding time is especially challenging for doctors and nurses. That’s where the flexibility and convenience of online medical training comes in. With eLearning solutions, your medical personnel can study anywhere and anytime.

Types of solutions:

  • Custom learning management systems for hospitals
  • Educational games for healthcare
  • eLearning apps for healthcare
  • Continuing Medical Education platforms
We are experts in online learning solutions for healthcare. Need a custom eLearning solution?


Peter Pollack

Director of Asante Communications, LLC

Greenice is performing very well. They are easy to communicate with and are always able to come up with the right questions. They developed a set of clinics sites on a single core for us, therefore we can manage them easily. Nice work!

Our Expertise

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Medical HRMS

Solution: HRM, LMS
Technologies: Laravel framework, PHP 7, Bootstrap, MySQL, jQuery, React.

We’ve developed a human resources management software for home care and nursing services company from the USA. This system became indispensable in recruiting and onboarding new personnel, considerably speeding up the process.

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Mental health CRM

Solution: CRM
Technologies: Yii2, MySQL, JQuery, API

Greenice has developed a CRM for the employee assistance program (EAP) center that provides pschotherapy services. The system helps to keep patient records, as well as manage replationships with therapists and companies.

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Assisted Living Facility

Solution: ALF software
Technologies: Yii2, EmberJS, MySQL, Rest API

We developed software for managing assisted living facilities. The tool allows personnel to delegate most of their routing tasks to the program while they can pay more attention to the patients.



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How to develop custom software for an assisted living facility

As an owner of an Assisted Living Facility you should definitely know how challenging it can be to provide high-quality care while overseeing routine operational tasks like resident admission, invoice generation, staff shifts scheduling and time tracking, and making reports and analyzing information. It is a next to impossible task without a proper automation tool.

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In this article, we are going to show you 7 key elements of HIPAA compliance for electronic records that will help you protect your patient data.

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Why Work With Us?

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  • 12+ years of expertise in full stack web development
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  • Exceptional communication and project management skills
  • Expertise in complex back-end projects
  • Experience with business processes automation
  • Taking projects at any step from “0” to launch and further maintenance.


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