eCommerce Website Development

If you are looking for a team to build a custom multi-featured ecommerce website, you’ve come to the right place! We have been working on ecommerce website development projects for over five years, having built 10+ custom online stores and many more websites with marketplace and auction features. Some of these ecommerce websites have been generating over six figures in daily sales for more than five years to date.

Get Your Custom Feature-Rich eCommerce Website

We have very extensive experience in custom ecommerce website development. That is why we are good at understanding the unique needs of our clients, and we also know that those needs will likely change in the future, so our development process is very flexible. And, of course, we adhere to the highest security standards in our development, so that you have the full advantage of custom web development. Hire us to build an ecommerce website!

  • Custom online stores
  • Marketplaces
  • Auction websites.

Featured Projects

6 Custom eCommerce Websites

We have built six custom online stores for a leading U.S. cosmetics company. Besides standard online store functionality, these websites also have such unique features as autoship, risk-free trial and upsell/cross-sell suggestions, among others.

  • Product display
  • Shopping cart and billing
  • Relevant offerings
  • Payment by subscription
  • “Risk-free trials”
  • Lead-generation forms
  • Integration with the company’s custom ERP and affiliate system.

Read the full case study.

Marketplace & Auction for Used Mobile Devices

We have built a marketplace for the buying and selling of used mobile devices. The website works as an auction: sellers post their devices, while buyers bid for them. Usability was among our top priorities and we managed to make the website as convenient and as easy to use as possible. Now it takes about five minutes to post a device for sale and even less to buy one.

  • Posting used devices
  • IMEI verification for spotting blacklisted devices (GSMA database)
  • Bidding system (PHPProBid)
  • Custom shopping cart
  • Product search (Sphinx)
  • Integration with delivery services: USPS, UPS, FEDEX.
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