About Us



years in web development


web and mobile projects


clients from around the world

We are a web development agency, specializing in developing custom feature-rich apps and websites with complex back-end.

The Greenice journey began in 2007 as an Offshore Development Center for an American client. Since that time, we have grown into a full-cycle web development agency that works with clients from all over the globe.

Most of our work comes from existing clients and referrals; the rest comes from Upwork. In our team, we have a subdivision that deals with Upwork projects, called Arriba.

Our R&D is based in Eastern Europe (Ukraine), and we have two representatives in New York.

What we believe

In delivering solutions, not just code

You tell us what you’d like to achieve, and we will do our best to find and develop the right technical solution for you to reach your goals. The technical process shouldn’t bother you. You can stay as involved in the technical process as it is comfortable for you.

Our client’s success = our success

When your project succeeds, you are happy, you recommend us, you have the money for the next project. So when you win, we win. It is a very practical approach; we just do everything in our power to help you succeed!

We work better as a team

We don’t believe in renting out our specialists by piece. We are convinced we can reach our full potential only when we work as a team. Thanks to the low turnover, we know each other, share knowledge, and help one another.

In the power of saying “No”

We believe we can be the best at only a limited number of things at a time. So we are not afraid to say ‘no’ to things we are not great at. We don’t design and don’t work with WordPress, and that’s fine, because we produce great custom software!