Kateryna Reshetilo

Head of Marketing and Business Development at Greenice

Kateryna’s job is to understand the markets the company is serving, formulate the best offerings for potential clients, and market them in the most effective way. In addition to that, she is also responsible for discovering new market niches and developing competitive strategies to exploit them. 

Kateryna uses Content Marketing as the main way to reach target audiences. She believes that helping potential clients by providing advice and useful information is the best marketing strategy. She handles content planning and editing at Greenice. 

Reshetilo has written a number of articles on the topics of eCommerce, Healthcare, and eLearning.

She has a bachelor’s degree in International Business with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Finance (Hanzehogeschool, Groningen). 

Outside of work Kateryna loves spending time with family, and she is an enthusiastic climber and windsurfer. 

Her articles have been featured in such publications as MarketingSherpa, DZone, ThriveGlobal.

Connect with Kateryna on Linkedin.


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