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We have developed Audience Response Systems (ARS) apps for leading pharmaceutical companies (from world TOP-10). Our clients are using ARS apps to make their live events more engaging and get the most out of their training sessions.

What Are Audience Response Systems (ARS)?

ARS solutions are invented to enhance interactivity between a lecturer (presenter, trainer, event host) and an audience. A lecturer of an event posts questions, while audience members view and answer the questions on their individual mobile devices. The ARS polling happens in real-time with general statistics being displayed on a widescreen. Common features of ARS solutions:

  • Installed or opened from a web browser
  • Used on mobile devices
  • Main moderator screen and participant screens
  • Multiple-choice questions
  • Scoring systems
  • Instant display of polling results
  • Anonymous answers or tracking of individual answers.

Use ARS to Boost Audience Engagement and Get Better Training Results

Hire us to develop a custom Audience Response System application to encourage everyone to participate in your next event.

Conferences and live events:

  • Get everybody to participate by answering the host’s or presenter's questions
  • Poll your audience anonymously when you need unbiased opinions
  • Get advanced statistics by segmenting your audience based on geographical regions, positions, and any other custom criteria.

Training sessions, classes, and lectures:

  • Assess the knowledge level of your audience right before you begin your training session to adjust your training to the group and even individual needs
  • Track material comprehension during your sessions
  • Measure the effectiveness of your session immediately after an event
  • Add gamification by dividing participants into teams and having them compete against each other by answering questions and getting scores.

Featured Project

iPoll, Audience Response System

A major pharmaceutical company has outsourced to us the development of iPoll, an Audience Response System (ARS) for a product training workshop. With this app, the speaker posted questions to sales representatives to assess their knowledge of particular diseases and medicines. The app enabled him to receive responses in real-time and display statistics on the general audience screen, as well as users' mobile devices.

  • Presenter/Speaker interface, where speaker can choose questions in the context of a lecture
  • Audience member interface where users can respond to questions
  • Display of statistics on a wide screen as well as individual user's screen
  • Group and individual knowledge report.
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