About the Client

Our client is a Continuing Medical Education (CME) provider, founder of ExchangeCME eLearning platform for doctors. This is a government-sponsored project, so all trainings and certification for physicians are free of charge.

CME for physicians is regulated by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and the American Osteopathic Association (AOA). The aim of CME is to increase medical specialists’ competency level, cover knowledge gaps, present innovations and trends that should ultimately improve the quality of care for patients.


Need for development Continuing Medical Education Platform for Medical Professionals

In many states in the US, medical specialists must undergo Continuing Medical Education courses and earn a certain amount of credits every year to keep their licenses.

However, there is no need to tell how busy doctors are. CME courses can be a real burden on top of already demanding work and life activities. That is why taking CME courses online has become a lifesaver for many.


We developed a web portal for continuing medical education that enables personalized online and offline learning and certification for medical specialists.

Online activities

Registration for live events

Resources for additional learning

Student profile

Admin CMS

Reports to track progress

Follow up newsletters

Online Activities

Online activities for each medical topic allow users to get knowledge and certification in their respective fields. To earn credits and certificates, users need to pass the modules step-by-step. Only after watching the theory block can the user start the test. In case of mistakes, the user is sent back to the theory and is not allowed to take the test untill ending up with the theoretical part. The steps are:


The activity itself (video or presentation)



Registration for live events

Users can view the list of live events and register for them from the platform.

For each event they receive credits. After registration, events are added to the user’s profile with the information about CME credits for each event.

Resources for additional learning

These are presentation slides, linked resources, suggested reading, clinical interactive guidelines, eBooks, and more. Everything is in one place and easily available.

Student profile

Here all user information is stored, including all courses, scheduled live events, earned credits and certificates. With each passed course the user can print a certificate.


This is where admins can easily upload content and manage the platform. This includes user management, adding new activities, scheduling events in the event calendar, creating and editing questionnaires, and much more.

Reports to track the progress

Admins and course authors can track the course statistics to see which courses are popular, their completion rates, and student scores. They can also drill down to find out the parts of courses that students find the most challenging.

In addition to that, there is also an opportunity to track sign-ups to live events as well as collect statistics from polls and surveys on the platform.

“Follow up” newsletters

The system sends follow-up emails with a links to the tests to check the results of a course passed in some period after the first test. This allows the user to compare the results and identify the effectiveness of education.


The system sends follow-up emails with links to the tests to check the results of a course passed in some period after the first test. This allows the user to compare the results and identify the effectiveness of education.

ExchangeCME allows medical specialists to get access to educational resources, study at a comfortable pace from anywhere, attend live events, and prove their knowledge with certificates.
The platform works and is constantly updated with new live events and courses.
To date, there are 12,000 registered members, 153 courses, 1,254 live events, and 4,000 credits earned.

+12,000 Registered Members

1,254 Live Events

4,000 Credits Earned