6 Custom eCommerce Websites


6 custom-built online stores for leading cosmetics brands
Atlantic Coast Brands, leading American cosmetics company, Inc. 500 company
Technologies used
Pure PHP, Magento


The company needed to develop a dedicated online store for each of the six brands that it owns. These stores had to possess all of the standard online store functionality, such as products display and shopping carts, as well as specialized mechanisms for upsell/cross-sell and autoship.

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What We Did

We’ve developed and continue to support six fully customized online stores. Each store has a unique set of features, but here is a list of the main ones:

  • Products display
  • Shopping cart and billing
  • A mechanism that generates relevant offerings to users, depending on what the client is interested in and/or is ordering (up-selling and cross-selling), e.g. offering a bigger package for a better price or suggesting another product that ‘goes well together’.
  • Payment by subscription, where a client has an option to receive products at regular time intervals (1–6 months) and is billed accordingly.
  • “Risk-free trials” is an option to receive a product and test it for 30 days, without paying for it (only for shipping). After the trial period ends the customer is either billed or asked to return the product at his own expense with explanation of the reasons for dissatisfaction.
  • Lead-generation forms
  • Integration with company’s custom ERP and web app that detects affiliate traffic and assigns commission to partners.

6 Custom eCommerce Websites - Image 2

Outcome for the Client

The websites have been in daily operations for over six years to this day. Nearly half of the company's sales are generated with these custom online stores. Daily figures:

  • 50,000+ visitors a day
  • 10,000+ transactions a day.

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