Sergey Burukin

Head of Decision Intelligence at Greenice

At Greenice, Sergey manages machine learning, information architecture, research, and development. He provides full-stack data analysis and supervises the work of web developers on his projects. 

Sergey is passionate about developing artificial intelligence (machine learning) systems. He believes AI systems can and should enforce decision-making.

Sergey is a professional analyst who has successfully completed several analytics courses at schools in the USA, the UK, and Ukraine. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering / Computer Science and a Master’s in International Affairs.

He spends his free time with family, reads analytic publications, and works out.

Sergey Burukin shares his expertise on Greenice’s blog, as well as in other publications:

Sergey’s article ‘AI in Crowdsourced Design: Sourcing Collective Design Intelligence’ became part of the book: “The Routledge Companion to Artificial Intelligence in Architecture” published by Routledge Taylor & Francis.

He has published three articles in Towards Data Science:  

How to Find the Right Music for Your Video Using Deep Learning

NLP-based Data Preprocessing Method to Improve Prediction Model Accuracy

Data Structure Evaluation to Choose the Optimal Machine Learning Method

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