Software for Mental Health Counselors

Project Idea

A custom-made solution for a Mental Health Center that would improve the therapy sessions management.


Implementation of a CRM improved management of therapy sessions. The system significantly reduced administrative work and ensured the security of data.

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Founded: 2003

Company Size: 11-50 employees

Headquaters: United Kingdom

Industry: Mental Health Care

Software: CRM, Mental Health Software

Our client is a mental health center that specializes in Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). The center works with companies that care for their employees’ mental health and want to help them cope with life’s difficulties.

The mental health center has been providing employee assistance program services for more than 15 years delivering high-quality Occupational Counselling, Corporate Training, Mediation, and Critical Incident Defusing.


  • Previously, our client kept all user data (personal details, appointments, counseling results/scores, notes, monthly reports) in Excel files. They also had separate accounting software for invoicing and entered all data manually.
  • As the business grew, they hired more employees and opened new offices. The volume of paperwork increased and it became harder to manage appointments and invoices. Our client wanted to avoid schedule conflicts, and data duplication or loss.
  • Our client needed software that could consolidate all the work. Existing off-the-shelf solutions were not sufficient, so they wanted to develop a custom medical CRM.
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What We Did

We created a website and CRM from scratch. Let’s go over the main features:

Treatment Plan


Each patient normally has at least six sessions, but the treatment plan may be modified according to the psychologist’s recommendations. After each session, the psychologist fills out the Treatment Report where she or he estimates the client’s progress.

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Appointment Scheduling


The psychologists need clear scheduling that can be modified automatically in case of cancellations or time changes

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Integration with third-party EMRs/EHRs


To manage the invoices, we integrated our system with Kashflow, a third-party accounting app via API. This allows data about the number of sessions and fees to flow seamlessly between the CRM and the accounting app. The system also calculates the payments to psychologists.

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The customer can get reports at the end of the course:

Triage Assessment Report

This report is based on a pre-treatment interview with a potential client. During a short telephone call, the psychologist can assess the patient’s condition and make recommendations to the employer as to what kind of therapy is needed.

Treatment report

At the end of the treatment, the psychologists describe their therapeutic approach and the results of the sessions. They also give advice on how to proceed. The client can download the report in PDF.

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Other features include

  • User roles and permission settings
  • Editable email templates
  • Feedback forms at the end of treatment
  • Electronic Signature in the reports


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Benefits for the Client

The project was launched in June 2018 and has worked successfully ever since. Our CRM allowed both clients and psychologists to schedule sessions and get a clear picture of the results.

  • 01 The system allows the company to automate routines, saving time for admins and psychologists
  • 02 Documentation is stored digitally to ensure its safety and order
  • 03 The reports are generated automatically and can be accessed by the client
  • 04 Accounting is transparent — invoices are easily tracked in the system and synced with the accounting tool.

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