Greenice is a web development agency with years of expertise in creating custom web solutions of any level of complexity. The company helps optimize and automate business processes to improve sales and effectiveness. The team of developers creates applications that automate specific routine tasks while being an integral part of the backend system. The team has successfully delivered 200+ projects for various clients from industries like human resources management, healthcare, e-commerce, education, field services, and real estate.

The company partners with clients and stays with them from the initial development to the deployment phase. They hold expertise in building from scratch and improving solutions like CRM, ERP, HRMS, FSM, LMS, SaaS, and marketplaces. They have experience working with most small-sized startups and big enterprises from all over the globe and have clients based in countries like the UK, the USA, Singapore, New Zealand, Europe, and Australia. 

The GoodFirms team got the opportunity to talk to Ismet Bekirov. He spoke about the story behind starting the company, their clients' services, and where he expects to see the company in the future.

Ismet begins by explaining that Greenice provides custom web development solutions. They build custom websites and marketplaces with complex functionality and unique business automation solutions. 

Further explaining the idea behind starting his company, Ismet shares that his friend and partner Sergy both worked as freelancers for a couple of years. In 2007 both decided to join and hire a team to work on big projects. Soon Greenice became an offshore development center for ACB, an American cosmetics company. They upgraded their web-based ERP system, developed six online stores, built a call center system and affiliate marketing software. Later on, they started working via Upwork and gradually made their reputation on that platform. At the moment, they were a top-rated agency with over $2 million in earnings and a long list of satisfied customers.

The company's focus is web development. The web developers and designers work continuously to create web apps and custom websites that engage the user and make them curious to learn more about their service offerings. They ensure that the websites and apps designed are mobile responsive, scalable, prompt, and secure. 

They have developed several platforms where sellers and buyers can meet each other and conduct online transactions. The team has solid experience in designing websites for online education and education platforms created by them include features such as a vast database of well-structured learning materials, personal scoreboards, customized study plans, online assessments, and personalized learning features. Their in-house team of experts can identify the best design trends for development, relying on the requirements demanded by the projects and the clients.

The team creates websites emphasizing performance, accessibility, scalability, security, and ease of use. They ensure that their clients don't face any problems while using the product; they are available for support and maintenance as well as fixing errors. The developers pay attention to each minute detail of the website to work accurately, including navigation compatibility, multimedia availability, etc. The company has standardized its design process through which they provide clients with appealing and eye-catching web designs. Therefore Greenice has been listed among the top web design companies in New Jersey at GoodFirms.

The company also provides app design services that bring out the best mobile experience to their clients. With their deep expertise in design and technology, the professionals at Greenice understand the client's business and the goals they want to achieve. The designers work closely with developers at the company, and with their best potential ideas turn the client's vision into reality. 

When asked about where you see the company in the next 10 years, Ismet mentions that they hope to become a leading provider of customs valuation in their domain, including marketplaces, healthcare, e-commerce platforms, and education. 

Thus, having read the excerpt from Ismet's interview, one can also go through the detailed interview at GoodFirms.

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