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Anna Klimenko
Anna Klimenko - Market researcher and writer at Greenice

Anna is an author with a deep technical writing background. She scrupulously investigates narrow business niches and creates insightful articles for entrepreneurs who are trying to start online businesses. 

Anna’s articles use the expertise of our web development team and thorough industry research. Her main goal is to help startuppers and business owners make informed decisions. 

During her work at Greenice, Anna has written more than 150 articles. Her main specialties are marketplace development, Healthcare, eLearning, and web development technologies.

Previously, Anna worked as a Product Owner on several projects at Svitla Systems, and as a Technical Writer and Product Manager at ProspX, a software development company. Her daily duties included communicating with clients, creating requirements statements, organizing  development teams, and testing products before launch. 

Anna’s past experience with product management and cooperation with IT teams allows her to understand languages used by developers and by businesses. She can expertly get these two worlds to interact positively.  

In her free time, Anna is passionate about traveling, photography, sailing, and drawing. 

Besides on the Greenice blog, Anna’s articles are also featured on: DevMio (formerly Jaxenter), eLearning Industry, AITHORITY.

Connect with Anna on Linkedin.

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How to Create an Online Tutoring Website That Brings Clients
Marketplace eLearning How to Create an Online Tutoring Website That Brings Clients

Is it a good idea to create an online tutoring website? Will it be in demand today? 

Over 1.9 billion children in 150 countries stayed out of the classroom in 2020 due to COVID-19, as reported by UNESCO. As school shifted to home education, it put a massive burden on parents as they literally had to become impromptu substitute teachers.

While struggling with the virus, online tutoring played a key role in alleviating the harm caused by the closure of schools. Companies like Chegg and Varsity Tutors reported an over 40% increase in bookings for their online K-12 academic subjects in spring 2020.

The on-demand tutoring niche is on the rise and there is still room for creating a website for tutoring that will cover the existing needs of tutors and students.

In this article, you’ll learn about the types of online tutoring platforms and their features, investigate the existing competitor landscape in online education, find 7 ways to monetize on-demand teaching business and learn about an actionable plan to create an online tutoring website. Let’s get it started!

Anna Klimenko
How to Build a Tradesmen Website Like HomeAdvisor and Angi
Marketplace How to Build a Tradesmen Website Like HomeAdvisor and Angi

Are you considering building a website like HomeAdvisor or Angi?

The home services market in the US has reached a new high of $657B in 2022, growing by $62B since the previous year. With such a huge market, it's no wonder that you're interested in tapping into it. In this article, we'll take you through the steps of building a tradesmen website, from choosing a business model to thinking over website architecture. We'll also provide you with a list of features and insights on how much it costs to build a website like Angi or HomeAdvisor. Our experience in developing several home services websites, including NoCowboys and 4TradesOnly, will also come in handy.

So, if you're ready to take on the challenge of building a tradesmen website, let's get started!

Anna Klimenko
How to Create a Stock Photo Website Like Shutterstock, But Better
Marketplace How to Create a Stock Photo Website Like Shutterstock, But Better

Visual content is a powerful tool used by marketers and bloggers. It can increase audience engagement, brand awareness, and click-through rate on websites. Taking into account the incrementally growing interest in visuals for the years to come, why not build a website like Shutterstock?

We will give you the most important things you need to know based on a decade of experience in web development! Dive in.

Anna Klimenko
How to Create Loan App and Start Peer-to-Peer Lending Business
Marketplace Start a Project How to Create Loan App and Start Peer-to-Peer Lending Business

Almost half of Americans owe money. 60% of them borrow from banks, 30% from сredit unions, and 24% from online lenders. However, the situation with COVID-19 and social distancing may reverse the numbers in favor of lending platforms that provide credit quicker and easier and without face to face interaction.

It is forecasted by Statista that by 2025 the value of the global P2P lending market will reach one trillion U.S. dollars. Looks like a promising area, doesn’t it?

So, how to start a peer-to-peer lending platform of your own? Let’s talk about it below.

Anna Klimenko
Web Development for Nonprofit Website: Best Features to Attract More Donations
Marketplace Start a Project Web Development for Nonprofit Website: Best Features to Attract More Donations

We know how important it is for your charity organization to be recognized by as many people as possible to attract more donations for its good deeds in the community. And one of the ways to increase your visibility is to create a nonprofit website.

All popular foundations like WWF, Unicef, Charity:Water, Cancer Research UK, and others, that focus on serious causes, have their own websites. They inform the public of their mission, announce upcoming fundraising events, collect donations, share outcomes of activities, and communicate with volunteers, sponsors, and beneficiaries.

So, if you have an idea of how to change the world - then put it into action and make it even more effective with a website!

Anna Klimenko
How to Develop a Doctor’s Appointment Booking App
Healthcare Business Automation How to Develop a Doctor’s Appointment Booking App

Spending a long time on hold when you simply need a quick visit to the doctor is time completely wasted. And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to schedule an appointment after business working hours?

The inability to book appointments whenever they want is a huge turn-off to many patients. No wonder medical organizations and private practitioners are looking for tools that will let them automate the booking process.

Marketplaces that schedule appointments are “just what the doctor ordered.” If you are a startup looking for a detailed guide on how to build an application for doctor's appointments, this article is for you!

Anna Klimenko
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