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Anna Klimenko
Market researcher and writer at Greenice

Anna is an author with a deep technical writing background. She scrupulously investigates narrow business niches and creates insightful articles for entrepreneurs who are trying to start online businesses. 

Anna’s articles use the expertise of our web development team and thorough industry research. Her main goal is to help startuppers and business owners make informed decisions. 

During her work at Greenice, Anna has written more than 150 articles. Her main specialties are marketplace development, Healthcare, eLearning, and web development technologies.

Previously, Anna worked as a Product Owner on several projects at Svitla Systems, and as a Technical Writer and Product Manager at ProspX, a software development company. Her daily duties included communicating with clients, creating requirements statements, organizing  development teams, and testing products before launch. 

Anna’s past experience with product management and cooperation with IT teams allows her to understand languages used by developers and by businesses. She can expertly get these two worlds to interact positively.  

In her free time, Anna is passionate about traveling, photography, sailing, and drawing. 

Besides on the Greenice blog, Anna’s articles are also featured on: Jaxenter, eLearning Industry, AITHORITY.

Connect with Anna on Linkedin.

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The Ultimate Guide on Grocery Delivery Application Development
Marketplace The Ultimate Guide on Grocery Delivery Application Development

Have you noticed how much the life speed increased over the last decade? There is almost no place for household routine. People are more and more willing to delegate habitual errands like house cleaning, shopping, cooking, laundry, and repair to on-demand services.

Grocery delivery apps became one of the huge reliefs in this race for obtaining the life-work balance.

Growing demand, increasing trust in online services, and easy access to the market for startups create a perfect environment for those who want to make a meal delivery app.

How are applications like Instacart made? Let’s find out!

Anna Klimenko
How to Build On Demand Elderly Care Service App And Ride the Market Growth
Healthcare How to Build On Demand Elderly Care Service App And Ride the Market Growth

People spend more than $335 billion annually in the US alone on on-demand care services for their parents, kids, homes, and pets. Today we’ll talk about apps for senior citizens.

Our society is witnessing a longevity revolution. Life expectancy is increasing and the number of elderly people is growing rapidly. As of 2020, 1 in 11 people have reached the age of 65, and it is anticipated that this ratio will change to 1 in 6 by 2050. Many people over 65 need daily help and special care due to health problems. But as we are always on the move (working, studying, traveling, going to the gym, meeting people, shopping), we can not always provide enough care to parents and senior relatives.

If you are a startuper who wants to create an on-demand home care application, you’ll find useful information inside. The business model, features, and development steps will be described in detail. Just dive in!

Anna Klimenko
How to Build Your Own House Cleaning Service App That Users Will Love
Marketplace How to Build Your Own House Cleaning Service App That Users Will Love

12,896 hours is the average time each person spends tidying their homes during their lifetime. That’s 1,5 years or 77 weeks. These numbers hardly coincide with modern reality.

Business people, working moms, single-parent households, elderly people, and anyone else who can afford it, often delegate home cleaning to professionals and use the extra time for stuff they want to do.

With the growing trend of ordering services on demand, no wonder software for the house-cleaning business has already disrupted the gig economy. Due to the increase in self-employment and freelance work, the demand for digital platforms for maids will keep on growing in the years ahead.

How to make an app for cleaning services? Read our complete guide!

Anna Klimenko
How to Outsource SaaS Development and Build a Product Customers Will Love
SaaS How to Outsource SaaS Development and Build a Product Customers Will Love

Do you know what Slack, Groove, and Skype have in common? They all made their SaaS products with the help of offshore outsourcing teams. There are certain factors that make SaaS development different from the other software development and due to these factors startupers prefer to give the SaaS development to offshore outsourcing teams. What are the advantages of outsourcing for SaaS? Let’s find out!

Anna Klimenko
How to Build a Machine Learning Based Recommendation System for Your Marketplace
Marketplace Business Automation How to Build a Machine Learning Based Recommendation System for Your Marketplace
“When you think about recommending something to someone, there’s a real business reason why you might want to do that.” - Jack Chua, Director of Data Science at Expedia.

Machine learning recommendation systems are not just a trendy feature of online stores. It is a mighty tool that can propel your business to the next level if used strategically. No wonder Jack Chua suggests always having “a great tie-in to the underlying KPI of what you want to drive”. For example, increase sales, customer retention, cross-selling, and so on.

If you’re still hesitating on how exactly to use recommendations to invigorate your business, we invite you to learn from the experience of those who already made it work brilliantly!

We collected the best examples of machine learning implementation in recommenders (including our own development projects) and explain in plain English how to build a machine learning recommender system from scratch. Are you in?

Anna Klimenko
How to Start a Coupon Website [Complete Guide]
Marketplace How to Start a Coupon Website [Complete Guide]

Are you interested in starting a coupon website but don't know where to begin?

Look no further than this complete guide on how to start a coupon website from Greenice. The guide takes you through six easy steps, from researching the market to choosing a technical solution for building your website. Along the way, you'll learn how to make money with your coupon website and define the features that are right for your specific needs. Wrapping up with a discussion on how to start a coupon business, this guide has everything you need to get started on your path to success.

So what are you waiting for? Dive in and start building your coupon empire today!

Anna Klimenko
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