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Greenice is a Top Rated web development agency established in 2007.

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Inna Lebedeva
Inna Lebedeva - Market Researcher and Writer at Greenice

Inna Lebedeva is a market researcher and writer at Greenice web development company. She investigates IT niches and writes articles for entrepreneurs who want to launch their business in those niches. Utilizing our experienced Greenice team, and intensive market research, Inna provides in-depth analysis to business owners, enabling them to make informed decisions.

She specializes in eCommerce, startups, and web development.

Before Greenice, Inna has worked for three years as a freelance writer for tech companies. 

She has a bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations and Master’s degree in Translation.

Inna is a cat lover who enjoys music and dancing. Her goal is for her cat to live out a long and pleasant life. 

Besides on the Greenice blog, Inna’s articles are also featured on such sites as Hackernoon,, Hashnode.  


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AI software development: AIaaS vs. open-source vs. bespoke - Which is best?
Technologies AI software development: AIaaS vs. open-source vs. bespoke - Which is best?

Artificial intelligence (AI) represents a significant shift, promising to transform operations and drive innovation across industries. With the AI software market projected to hit $2 trillion by 2030 and more than half of businesses already integrating AI into their operations, the excitement around AI's potential is palpable. Yet, it poses challenges for many entrepreneurs.

As an experienced agency in the domain of Artificial Intelligence, we stand ready to guide you through these challenges. While over 76% of enterprises planned to increase their AI investments in 2023, we understand the challenges of adopting and scaling this technology.

Let us be your ally in creating AI software to unlock its power with confidence and precision.

What is AI software?

AI software refers to apps, websites, or programs that are powered by artificial intelligence to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. These applications can range from chatbots that help answer your questions and recommendation systems on shopping sites that suggest products you may like, to more complex programs that can analyze large sets of data to find patterns.

Unlike traditional software that follows a strict set of rules, AI applications learn from the data they process, allowing them to improve over time and make decisions or provide insights that weren't explicitly programmed into them. For example, this is the case with AI chatbots.

Inna Lebedeva
How to develop a mental health app that makes people’s lives better
Marketplace Healthcare How to develop a mental health app that makes people’s lives better

The fact that mental health issues are on a rise cannot be avoided. Currently, 22% of adult Americans report having symptoms of depression and suicide is one of the top causes of death among young people. As the world is inundated with crises, the demand for psychological help is growing.

In this article, we will figure out how and why to build your own website for mental health professionals and patients. Let’s make the world a better place!

Inna Lebedeva
How to make a PWA and how can your business benefit from it?
Start a Project Technologies How to make a PWA and how can your business benefit from it?

Having a website and two native apps for Android and iOS is a luxury that not every business can afford, especially small businesses. It would be perfect to combine a website and an app that works on any platform. A PWA lets this dream come true. It's no surprise that many companies are testing the waters with PWAs. According to Emergen Research, Global PWA market size is expected to surpass $10 billion by 2027 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 32%.

Is it as simple as contacting a progressive web apps development company? Do PWAs really solve all problems and suit any business? Let’s find out.

Inna Lebedeva
How to Create a Website Like Alibaba?
Marketplace Start a Project How to Create a Website Like Alibaba?

Today, in eCommerce, Alibaba is the largest business-to-business platform, and Aliexpress is one of the most popular business-to-customer platforms. These Chinese platforms are real magical caves of treasures with their secrets. Wouldn’t it be exciting to uncover some of them?

Want to develop a B2B marketplace similar to Alibaba? Then, just say ‘Open Sesame’ and follow us inside the article!

Inna Lebedeva
How to create an AI application: Step-by-step guide for startups
Start a Project Business Automation How to create an AI application: Step-by-step guide for startups

Are you curious about starting your own business powered by Artificial Intelligence? In this article, we'll show you how to turn your vision into reality and what you need to build an app with AI.

What does the market of AI apps look like now?

What’s the best way to start AI app development?

Should you choose no-code/low-code or develop your app from scratch?

Should you use a private LLM, open-source model or build your own?

What are the costs of AI app development?

Find out the answers to your questions below. Discover the exciting journey of embracing the technologies of the future.

Inna Lebedeva
Healthcare AI app development: Guide for startups
Start a Project Healthcare Healthcare AI app development: Guide for startups

The healthcare sector, despite being the largest repository of data in the world, lags significantly behind other industries in adopting artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. This gap presents a substantial opportunity for innovation and investment.

According to Statista, the AI healthcare market, which was valued at $11 billion in 2021, is expected to soar to an impressive $187 billion by 2030. This rapid growth indicates a shift in the operations of medical providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and biotech firms, making now an opportune time for startups to engage with this technology.

In this article, we will explore practical AI use cases in healthcare, identify key challenges, and provide insights into the AI healthcare app development process. Whether you're developing new tools or improving existing ones, we will help make your idea real.

Inna Lebedeva
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