Inna Lebedeva

Inna Lebedeva is a market researcher and writer at Greenice web development company. She investigates IT niches and writes articles for entrepreneurs who want to launch their business in those niches. Utilizing our experienced Greenice team, and intensive market research, Inna provides in-depth analysis to business owners, enabling them to make informed decisions.

She specializes in eCommerce, startups, and web development.

Before Greenice, Inna has worked for three years as a freelance writer for tech companies. 

She has a bachelor’s degree in International Economic Relations and Master’s degree in Translation.

Inna is a cat lover who enjoys music and dancing. Her goal is for her cat to live out a long and pleasant life. 

Besides on the Greenice blog, Inna’s articles are also featured on such sites as Hackernoon,, Hashnode.  


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