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Atlantic Coast Brands creates iconic beauty brands by developing scientifically advanced consumer products designed to deliver real results for its more than 10 Million customers worldwide.

Its brands include Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare, Keranique, Miracle Skin Transformer, and Hydroxatone. Since 2005, Atlantic Coast Brands has been the pioneer in 360 degree marketing, revolutionizing how customers access beauty solutions. We are a multi-channel company and our beauty brands are sold online, on TV and radio, through TV shopping, print, direct mail as well as in retailers like Nordstrom, Ulta, Kohl’s and Costco.

By allowing customers to buy when, where and how they wish, ACMG secures lasting customized relationships while strengthening brand awareness, brand messaging and loyalty. The company was also recognized by Inc. 500 as the 29th fastest growing consumer product company in 2011.

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Needed to improve their custom ERP system

Atlantic Coast Brands contacted Greenice to improve their custom ERP system that was unstable and unable to handle the company's increasing demands. New affiliate programs were also placing a strain on the work. A full system upgrade was needed to make the ERP robust enough to handle projected business growth.

Why was it weak?

  • It was slow.
  • There was a lack of modules.
  • Existing modules became irrelevant/unsuitable: company's business processes were getting more and more complex.
  • Quite a large number of system failures.
  • It was difficult to add new modules due to the system's complicacy.


When we started the project in October 2009, ACB operated quite well despite all the problems with its ERP. We built a development process in such a way that when we were creating new modules and implementing them in the existing system, old modules continued to work as properly.

The first ERP edition of ACB was created when the company had just entered the market. The main goal was to set up the business, so they didn't spend too much time creating a custom ERP's functionality. So, when ACB achieved great business results, it was time to get rid of the weaknesses of the old system.

The first edition had the following technical flaws:

  • Bad system architecture.
  • No code standards were followed.
  • Code was very complicated, so it was hard to make changes.


Our work with ACB started with the creation of new modules and fixing bugs in the ERP system the company was using at the time. After a while we suggested upgrading the whole system and migrating it to Zend framework.

Create new modules

Upgrade the system and migrate to Zend

Creating new modules and fixing bugs in the ERP system


Our client needed to expand their existing ERP system to include new modules for managing RMA, order cancellations, payments, and autoships (for managing subscriptions). We were excited to take on the challenge and help our client improve their business operations.


  • We started by exploring how employees from different departments work with the company's customers and what data they need in their everyday work process. We also looked at what tools they need to manage these new modules effectively.
  • Based on our findings, we created a detailed plan for each module, outlining the features and functionality required. We then set to work developing the modules using agile development methodologies, which allowed us to quickly iterate and respond to feedback.
  • As each module was completed, we tested it thoroughly to ensure that it met our client's requirements and integrated seamlessly with their existing ERP system. We also developed a user-friendly interface for each module, ensuring that employees from all departments could use them easily and efficiently.
  • Once all the new modules were developed and tested, we associated them in larger ones, such as customer cards and order info. This allowed our client's employees to manage all aspects of their customers' orders in one place, streamlining their processes and saving them time and effort.

The end result was a custom ERP system that perfectly suited our client's business needs. Our approach of exploring how employees work with customers, and what data and tools they need, allowed us to create a solution that was both efficient and effective.

Our client was delighted with the new modules, and we were proud to have helped them improve their business operations.

System Upgrade and Migration to Zend


The company's IT team knew that they needed to upgrade the system to keep up with modern technology and business needs. They asked us to refactor the existing codebase, upgrade to the latest version of PHP, and migrate the system to the Zend framework.


  • We refactored the code, cleaning up old and unused code, improving performance, and making the system more maintainable. We also upgraded the PHP version to the latest stable release, taking advantage of new features and improvements.
  • Migrating to the Zend framework was no small task, but our team was up to the challenge. We carefully planned the migration, ensuring that all data and functionality would be preserved during the transition.
  • Once we completed the migration, the new system was faster, more reliable, and easier to maintain than ever before. The company's users were thrilled with the improvements.

In the end, the company was able to keep up with the latest technology and business needs thanks to this upgrade. The legacy ERP system had been transformed into a modern, efficient, and effective tool that would serve the company well for many years to come.


In 2016, the owners of EXR, got in contact with Greenice. They had already built a live website but there were a series of challenges:

7 departments of our client company (Customer Service, Finance, Accounting, Web Marketing/TV-Radio Marketing/Print Marketing, Shipping and Processing/Warehouse, Operations, and Retail) build their work processes using their existing ERP.
400+ employees use it every day.
ERP processes six-figure customer orders daily. And these numbers are growing day to day.
Complex interfaces, which made it extremely difficult to figure out how to do a simple operation.


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Abhishek Jain

CIO at Atlantic Coast Brands
Our company is absolutely satisfied with the way Greenice completed the project. It had a positive influence/effect on employees’ KPI, because the new system became faster and dependable, and now it totally conforms to the needs of each department. Since the new system has been implemented, we have started to create a new product: a partners' engine called Satellite, which can help us to automate business processes between us and dozens of our partners, so our company's income continues to grow.

Dmitry Polonsky

Application Development Manager at Atlantic Coast Brands
The project was completed perfectly! When we worked on the project, we constantly faced issues, how we could implement some modules, and every time Greenice's developers helped us to weigh up all the solutions and to choose the only right and optimum one that perfectly suited our company's strategy. They are experienced, they have deep knowledge, but most importantly our business priorities are always in first place for them.