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We have been providing Symfony development services since 2011. Using the Symfony framework, we’ve built complex websites and apps that require extra-high security measures for businesses from all over the world.

Why We Use Symfony

Our Symfony web development services include creation of feature-rich websites and web apps with complex functionality. We choose Symfony whenever we have a complicated project at hand, and by complicated we mean requirements such as (but not limited to):

  • processing financial transactions (payments and withdrawals)
  • storing highly sensitive data (such as credit card details, digital currency account details and other private information)
  • high user load
  • integration with third-party web services through their API

How Symfony helps in these cases:

  • It’s reliable That reliability is thanks to using powerful open-source projects such as Doctrine (object-relational mapping layers) and PHPUnit (the perfect tool for Unit testing).
  • It’s secure Symfony provides built-in components to develop multi-level access modules in our projects.
  • It has a good future The framework has a big and engaged community, as well as a reliable company that sponsors the framework development.

Featured Projects


Our startup client has hired us to develop an application that automatically receives leads from advertisers and processes them. This system connects lead aggregators, call center operators and warehouse operators, although it is mostly used by call center operators.

  • The system receives leads from lead aggregators via Rest API
  • Call center operators call these leads and assign statuses to each lead upon the call (e.g., ‘couldn’t reach’, ‘call back’, ‘cancelation’, ‘ordered’...)
  • Different groups of users work with leads with different statuses, so until the order is paid the various operators will work with this potential client, depending on his/her status
  • Paid orders are sent to warehouse operators, where they will be processed and shipped
  • The CPA system is integrated with a third-party shipping system, so it automatically generates shipping documents
  • The system automatically notifies customers that their order is delivered
  • The system generates statistics regarding lead conversion and the work of each operator.

We chose Symfony because the project included such parts and tasks as:

  • integrations with various third-party systems, including data import via RestAPI
  • multiple user roles with various access levels
  • storing highly sensitive data.
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We’ve developed a custom call-center solution for a leading cosmetics company (Inc. 500). The company processes nearly half of its sales via Dialer. Over 400 call center operators are using this app on a daily basis. Dialer is also tied to the company’s ERP.

Dialer was designed to automate the following tasks:

  • scheduling phone calls to customers and leads
  • call logging
  • conversion rate tracking
  • estimating operator efficiency and reporting.
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