Since 2007, Greenice has been developing unique web applications in the Educational, Medical, and eCommerce spheres. 


Industries - Image 1For more than 10 years, our team has been creating custom Healthcare software that meets our clients’ requirements and complies with the highest standards of patient data security (HIPAA). Our expertise includes:
  • EMR/EHRs
  • Assisted Living Facility and Nursing Home software
  • CRMs for Mental Health practices 
  • HEP solutions
  • Human Resource Management Systems for clinics 

Do you need medical software that meets 100% of your company’s needs? Learn about our Healthcare development expertise here.


Industries - Image 2We build eCommerce solutions for different businesses and of any complexity — from websites to ERP systems.   Our expertise includes:
  • Custom CRM and ERP software
  • Peer-to-peer online marketplaces 
  • Price and product comparison websites 
  • Review websites 
  • Affiliate Management Systems
  • eStores

Still, have questions if our team is a good choice? Learn about our eCommerce development expertise here.


Industries - Image 3Greenice has developed 50+ projects in eLearning for large companies like Novartis, Asante, Janssen, and Actavis. We’ve also developed over 20 educational games that leading U.S. pharmaceutical companies use to train their sales representatives. Our expertise includes:
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Serious games
  • Gamification in eLearning
  • Language Learning apps and social networks
  • Audience Response System (ARS) for conferences
  • Custom eLearning apps

Whether you are an educational organization or a company that needs corporate LMS for its employees, we can help!  Click to find out more about our eLearning development services.

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