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Are you tired of solutions that just don’t fit your clinic? Let’s build a custom software exactly for your business!

We’ve been providing custom healthcare software development services since 2011. Our experience involves creating custom medical solutions like EMR/EHR systems, medical CRM and HRMS solutions, as well as software for physical therapy, eLearning for healthcare and more. We focus 100% on our clients’ needs to develop software that helps them serve their patients even better.

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Challenges of Healthcare Companies

Having worked in the medical field for a while, we’ve noticed there are some common challenges:

Need for customization

‘One-fit-all’ medical software just doesn’t fit

Too much work

Doctors have to spend more time filling out online forms than with patients (on average 5.9 hours on EHR, and 5.1 hours with patients)

Cumbersome interfaces

4 000 is the average number of clicks an ER doctor has to make per shift, lead to errors and click-fatigue

Poor security

Sensitive data is duplicated, scattered and kept insecurely. In 2017, the US medical and healthcare sector experienced 477 data breaches, exposing 5.6 million patient records.

How We Can Help You

Looking for a medical software development company? We can build a custom medical solution for you that will automate and streamline processes of health management in your organization.


HRMS for Healthcare

Assisted Living Facility Software

Physical Therapy Software

eLearning for Healthcare

Custom medical websites & apps

Custom EMR/EHR and Medical CRM

Healthcare software development and digitalization of medical record keeping promises a lot of benefits to healthcare providers and their patients, including:

  • complete and accurate data about patients
  • ability to coordinate care and medical diagnostic
  • less administrative work for the personnel
  • security of information
  • elimination of errors

Unfortunately, not all of them have been delivered by the existing off-the-shelf EMR vendors. Therefore, many organizations find it beneficial to partner with a healthcare software development company to develop their own EMR/EHR from scratch. We have become such a partner for a number of medical organizations and we can become one for you!

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HRM Systems for Healthcare


Human Resource Management Systems help medical organizations to efficiently recruit, keep record, train and retain employees.

Depending on your needs, healthcare software developers can create a medical HR system that will offer:

  • automation of your recruiting processes including candidate sourcing, tracking and overall recruitment workflow management
  • online training for onboarding, compliance, new skills acquisition and Continuing Medical Education
  • help with shift scheduling to avoid overlaps and burnouts
  • self-service employee portal to relieve administrative work from HR personnel and provide greater transparency for employees
  • reporting on the most important HR KPIs for your organization.

There is an abundance of canned HR solutions, however, not all of them are suited to healthcare and to your organization in particular.

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Assisted Living Facility Software

Personnel of Assisted Living Facilities has to perform a lot of daily duties to care about their residents. Residents may require different types of assistance and the scheduled procedures should be performed without deviation from the plan.  Without thorough scheduling and task-tracking, taking care of residents can become a nightmare for the personnel.

The main features of an assisted living facility or nursing home software are:

  • Resident record keeping to have the complete and accurate data
  • Medication management to track and notify of the timely intake
  • Billing functionality to automatically generate invoices, charge recurring fees, manage discounts etc.
  • Family dashboard allowing relatives to monitor how their loved ones are being taken care of
  • Incident Management to have a full report on a situation, take timely measures and prevent incidents in the future
  • Appointment scheduling for doctor visits
  • Dashboards and reporting to monitor organizational health
  • Surveys and assessments to estimate patient satisfaction levels

A custom ALF solution like any other software for hospitals will help you automate all the major processes of your facility (or multiple facilities) and allow to scale your business without pain.

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Dmitriy Fridlyand, Abcor Inc

‘Great job and high quality of work on a complex project.’

Dmitriy Fridlyand, Abcor Inc

Case Studies


Solution: HRM, LMS
Technologies: Laravel framework, PHP 7, Bootstrap, MySQL, jQuery, React.

This is a human resources management software for home care and nursing services company from the USA. This is an indispensable system that helps HR managers to keep a database of applicants and onboard employees getting quickly any information of every person.
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The Listening Center

Solution: CRM
Technologies: Yii2, MySQL, JQuery, API

CRM for the employee assistance program (EAP) center that allows help to companies’ employees whose working performance went down due to some psychological problems.
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Assisted Living Facility

Solution: ALF software
Technologies: Yii2, EmberJS, MySQL, Rest API

We developed software for managing staff and care activities of residents of ALFs. The tool allows personnel to delegate most of their routing tasks to the program while they can pay more attention to the patients.
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Solution: Physical Therapy Software, EMR integration, Home Exercise Programs Database,
Technologies: PHP Laravel, ElasticSearch

Physiotec is a large database of more than 75000 exercises (weekly adding new exercises) for different parts of a body to quickly build home exercise programs. A physiotherapist can use the tool to quickly select necessary exercises and create individual treatment programs to send to their patients.

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Continuing Medical Education Platform

Solution: Online Courses Platform
This is a web portal for continuous medical education that provides personalized online learning and assessment and collects information on live events for medical professionals.

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